Saturday, April 28, 2012

Shadow of the Colossus compilation videos

Here I will be posting links to all my older videos that were recorded from around July 2009 to November 2010, after which I started uploading HD quality videos. At the beginning I used a screen recorder and my emulator ran the game at about 40% speed so I had to speed up the videos using Quicktime before posting them on Youtube. I also was clueless about video sizes that Youtube used so most were recorded below 640 x 360p and resulted in black bars above and below the viewing screen. 

Unlike the emulator's built-in recording function a screen recorder will record the game's speed as it slows down or speeds up when the emulator was struggling to keep up with the gameplay, so in some videos you will hear the music speed up then slow down again for example. But I have resized all the videos to 640 x 360 to fill the screen and added my Nomad watermark which was missing from most of my earlier videos.

I've compiled them into categories for each colossus, the forbidden lands, beta dam and mountains, cut scenes etc. and added links for each video if you want to watch them separately. Each one has a caption where the new video starts and can be from 15 minutes to over an hour in length. Some I have had to split into two or more parts as the file sizes exceed Youtube's 2 gig limit but they show all of my early explorations of the game and my growing experience in hacking (largely due to WWWArea's help ; ) (Duration - 1:02:54)
Ledges at 1's gate:
Hidden ledge at 1's gate:
Moon jump at 1's gate:
Valus before activation:
Double sized Wander:
Valus in stand-by mode:
Valus in the forbidden lands:

Note: I was using version 0.9.6 (r1888) of the PCSX2 emulator which couldn't render Wander's shadow properly at the time, so you will see a triangle of shadow next to Wander at all times. I did find the code to turn it off but you can really notice it when I am playing around with the mist code for instance. The bloom effect is also quite overpowering in some of these early videos. (Duration - 1:07:33)
Quadratus cut scene:
Modding Quadratus:
Freezing & scaling Quadratus:
Quadratus at night & in mist:
Quadratus music on/off:
Quadratus semi-active state:
Quadratus before activation:
Exploring 2's area:
Death camera at 2's area - PSU demo:
Underwater at 2's lake - PSU demo:
Underwater at 2's lake - NTSC version:
Back of Quadratus' lake:
Culvert at 2's lake (1:03:52) (Duration - 45:27)
Gaius cut scene:
Gaius before activation:
Modding Gaius:
Freezing Gaius:
Gaius at night:
Gaius in the distance:
Moving Gaius:
Gaius in stand-by state:
I, Gaius:
Gaius kill:
Agro on 3's platform:
Exploring 3's area:
Fire stick at 3's area: (Duration - 43:01)
Modding Phaedra:
I, Phaedra:
Phaedra & Agro:
Phaedra at night:
Exploring 4's area:
Exploring 4's area - PSU demo:
Hidden room at 4's area: (Part 1 duration - 47:26) (Part 2 duration - 42:28)
Part 1 features: 
Teleporting to Avion's area:
Avion cut scene:
Avion before activation:
Landing on Avion:
Avion up close:
Modding Avion:
Avion underwater - Preview version:
Freezing Avion:
Controlling Avion:
Resizing Avion:
I, Avion:

Part 2 features: 
Avion camera mod:
Majestic Avion:
Avion POV:
Exploring 5's area:
Avion's temple:
High ledges at Avion's area:
Avion's area - PSU demo:
Avion's area at night:
Underwater at Avion's area:
Eye of the Colossus - Preview version: (Duration - 38:26)
Barba before activation:
Barba awakes:
Freezing Barba:
Barba in stand-by mode:
Barba's tower:
Modding Barba:
Agro in Barba's prison:
Moon jumping with Barba:
Barba's door:
Exploring Barba's area:
Turtle in Barba's prison: (Duration - 51:26)
Hydrus before activation:
Hydrus without bloom effect:
Swimming with Hydrus:
Modding Hydrus:
Hydrus above land:
Underwater at Hydrus' lake:
Bottom of Hydrus' lake:
Hydrus flavours:
Hydrus after death:
Exploring 7's area:
Hydrus ledge: (Duration - 31:21)
Kuromori before activation:
Modding Kuromori:
Modding Kuromori - Preview version:
I, Kuromori:
Mini speed lizard:
Agro in 8's arena:
8's area at night:
Bottom of 8's waterfall:
Exploring 8's area:
Birds outside 8's area:
Top of temple glitches: (Duration - 42:57)
Basaran before activation:
Modding the HUD:
Modding Basaran:
Modding Basaran - Preview version:
Basaran's lake - Preview version:
Basaran kill code:
Falling rocks at 9's area:
Exploring 9's area (top of cave):
Behind 9's cave:
Bottom of 9's chasm - Preview version:
Weird effects at 9's area: (Duration - 35:38)
Features: (Duration - 37:24)
Celosia's cage:
Glimpses of Celosia:
Celosia before activation:
Modding Celosia:
Freezing Celosia:
Celosia in stand-by state:
Celosia's pond:
Getting the stick:
Fire stick & Celosia:
Celosia's stick at 8's area:
4 sticks:
Torch range:
Camera at Celosia's area: (Duration - 39:24)
Modding Pelagia:
Freezing Pelagia:
Pelagia statue:
Mini Pelagia:
Pelagia & the waterfall:
Pelagia death scene:
Gazebo islands destruction:
Save stone platform at 12's area:
Pelagia's tower:
Exploring 12's area:
Underwater at 12's lake:
Hawk cut scene at 12's area: (Duration - 1:03:09)
Phalanx before activation:
Phalanx without bloom:
Phalanx suspended in time:
Modding Phalanx:
Freezing Phalanx:
Controlling Phalanx:
Phalanx under the sand:
Riding Phalanx up front:
Agro on Phalanx (Preview version):
Agro on Phalanx (NTSC version):
Flying with Phalanx:
Phalanx after death:
Phalanx over land:
13's desert at night:
Desert bloom:
13's ruins (01:03:44) (Duration - 55:03)
Cenobia cut scene:
Cenobia before activation:
Modding Cenobia:
I, Cenobia:
Cenobia at B1 - Preview version:
Cenobia at B2 - Preview version:
Modding columns:
Nomad's temple:
Agro at 14's area:
Exploring 14's area: (Duration - 1:24:21)
15's arena cut scene (Preview version):
Argus before activation:
Argus cut scene (08:53)
Landing on Argus' sword:
Modding Argus:
Freezing Argus:
Argus in stand-by mode:
Argus is stuck:
Argus POV:
Argus death scene:
Agro at 15's area:
Argus stone slabs:
Argus at the beta mountains:
Argus at G0 - Preview version:
Argus structures:
Exploring 15's area:
Back way to 15's temple:
Above 15's temple:
Behind sealed doors:
Argus' cave:
G1 ledge launch: (Part 1 duration - 1:13:22) (Part 2 duration - 1:14:10)
Part 1 features:
Teleporting to 16's area:
16's area POV - Preview version:
Opening 16's gates:
16's gate disappears:
Bridge collapse without Agro:
Bridge collapse - Preview version:
Saving Agro:
Bridge collapse - Agro's perspective:
Bridge pieces in the void:
Modding the bridge:
Save stone at the bridge:
Malus before activation:
Malus cut scene:
Modding Malus:
Moving Malus outside:
Malus in stand-by mode:
Malus death & resurrection:
Malus after death:
Malus after death - Preview version:
Freezing Malus:
I, Malus:
Inside the machine:

Part 2 features:
16's area camera mod:
Save stone with Malus:
Malus corpse:
Agro at 16's area:
Agro on Malus:
Exploring 16's area:
Exploring 16's chasm:
Storm follows Wander:
Weird effects at 16's area: (Duration - 37:21)
Dormin before activation:
Dormin escape attempt - Preview version:
Dormin escapes - NTSC version:
Dormin exploring the void:
Dormin at the beta mountains:
Dormin at the dam:
Dormin & soldiers in the void:
Flattened Shrine of Worship:
Super sized Emon:
Lord Emon & soldiers:
Dormin beta message - OPM demo: (Part 1 duration 1:02:52) (Part 2 duration 1:02:51)
Part 1 features:
#1 Area models (Temple):
#1 Valus model & animations:
#2 Area models (Proto):
#2 Quadratus model & animations:
#3 Area models (Arena):
#3 Gaius model & animations:
#4 Area models (Kirin's Hill):
#4 Phaedra model & animations:
#5 Area models (Canyon):
#5 Avion model & animations:
#6 Area models (Canossa):
#6 Barba model & animations:
#7 Area models (Lakeside):
#7 Hydrus model & animations:
#8 Area models (Underground):
#8 Kuromori model & animations:
#9 Basaran model & animations:
#10 Area models (Gravewind):
#11 Area models (Leo's Cave):
#11 Celosia model & animations:
#12 Area models (Poseidon's Lake):
#12 Pelagia model & animations:
#13 Area models (Desert):
#13 Phalanx model & animations:

Part 2 features:
#14 Area models (Ruins):
#15 Area models (Parthenon):
#15 Argus model & animations:
#16 Area models (Sanctuary):
Dormin model & animations:
Smokeman model & animations:
Lord Emon & Guard models & animations:
Wander head model & animations:
Wander head stages:
Baby Wander head & body animations:
Mono body model:
Mono head model & animations:
Agro models & animations:
Animal models & animations:
Fruit models:
Weapons/items models:
Shrine of Worship models:
Shrine of Worship demo model:
Shrine of Worship cut scene model:
Secret Garden model:
Entrance model:
Beta dam model:
Colossi corpses models: (Duration - 20:15) (Duration - 1:07:08)
Broken & missing bridges:
Exploring 2's area:
Edge of map - 3's area:
Exploring 4's area:
Exploring 5's area:
Edge of map - 8's area:
Edge of map - 9's area:
12's area:
Edge of map - 13's area:
Edge of map - west:
Edge of map - from Ravine entrance southwards:
E5 forest:
Modding a rock:
Death floor save stone:
Temple climb rest area:
Missing temple door:
Secret garden:
Top of temple:
Quick way down from the top:
Outside secret garden:
Above garden:
Dormin's hole:
Sealed pool room:
Missing columns:
Frozen behind entrance: (Duration - 1:17:42)
Modding the intro:
Wander centric intro:
Exploring the intro Canyons:
Exploring the intro Forest:
Final cut scene perspectives:
Final cut scene (Preview version):
Southern plain cut scene:
Colossi cut scenes (Preview version) (Duration - 3:44)
Wander & Mono together: (Duration - 1:02:51)
Agro on spiral path:
Agro under the ocean at Ico beach:
Agro 'rear up' code:
Riding dead Agro (Preview version):
Joined to dead Agro (Preview version):
Change Agro's colour (Preview version):
Agro on B5 mountains:
Agro on C1 mountains:
Agro on D1 mountains:
Agro on E4 mountains:
Wander riding offset: (Duration - 1:13:05)
Shrine of Worship statues:
Shrine of Worship at night:
After escaping black tentacles:
Shrine of Worship invisible parts:
Shrine of Worship camera mod:
Shrine of Worship is solid (Preview version):
Shrine of Worship save stone:
Recreating the pool scene:
Escaping the pool scene (Preview version):
Climb to the secret garden (NTSC):
Outside the garden entrance:
Waterfalls & platforms:
Secret garden window (Preview version):
Secret garden without bloom:
Secret garden at night:
Secret garden save stone:
Under the secret garden:
Bottom of pool shaft:
Agro launching in the SG (Preview version):
Secret area in the secret garden (Preview version):

Teleporting to the entrance (PAL): (Duration - 16:33)
Floating past the beta dam:
Beta dam after escaping tentacles:
Strange white cube in the void:
How to get to the dam (Preview version): (Duration: 40:29)
Agro launch to H8 invisible lands:
Mapping the perimeter:
H8 & D8 invisible lands (Preview version):
D8 invisible lands (NTSC) mapping the perimeter:
H8 invisible lands at night:
I6 beta mountains (Preview version):
J column beta mountains:
A0 beta mountains mapping the perimeter: (Duration: 58:50)
Item glitches (Preview version):
Arrow sound glitch (Preview version):
Turning off the bloom effect:
Changing character camera:
Controlling a tortoise:
Last Big Secret wish: (Part 1 duration 1:26:59) (Part 2 duration 1:23:46) (Part 3 duration 1:04:47)
Part 1 features:
Above the forbidden lands:
B3-B4 mountain trek:
Rock plateau next to tree:
Legitimate way onto B5 mountains (south):
B5 plateau launch (Preview version):
B5 plateau launch from opposite cliffs (PV):
Exploring the B5 plateau:
C4 path (Preview version):
Exploring the C6 mountains:
D7 island & beta area (Preview version):
D7 dead end ledge (NTSC):
D7 dead end ledge (Preview version):
Exploring the D7 mountains:

Part 2 features:
Exploring the C1 mountains (north):
Exploring the C1 mountains (south):
C3 Underwater at C3 pond:
Attempt to reach D2 towers:
Inside Dried Marsh save shrine (E1):
Save stone platform (E2):
Legitimate way to E4 embankments:
Exploring E4 mountains:
E5 to D5 mountain trek:
Exploring the E5 forest:
E5 exploring the south side cliffs:
E5 exploring the west side cliffs:
E5 forest save stone:
E5 forest camera mod:

Part 3 features:
Journey across mountains (E5-F7):
Under the E5 forest to Ico beach:
F6 Magic mirror (Preview version):
F6 oddities (Preview version):
F6 legitimate ledge:
Exploring the G2 forest:
Bottom of G4 cliffs (outside Avion's lair):
Exploring the G4 mountains:
G6 ledges (around 8's cave):
G7 Stonehenge monument:
H7 dead end ledge (NTSC):
Waterfall culvert at F4:
On top of broken bridge F4:
Rock towers at F2 & F3:
Ico castle 2D texture (F0):
The many coloured land: (Duration: 1:29:03)
Beach & beta mountains:
Secret item is a bomb (PAL):
Shadow people boss battle:

So this covers all of my older videos up to the time I started making HD videos, there's just under 500 videos in these compilations that add up to over 30 hours!!! (30:48:21) to be precise) - 29:19:18 of Shadow of the Colossus and 1:29:03 of Ico... now that's obsession!

I'm amazed at how much stuff I did now when I look back at it all, so many videos covering all aspects of the game. I think the most fun I had though was exploring the forbidden lands, although these are probably the most boring videos to watch. But there was something special about exploring a new area that allowed Wander to run around on solid ground, even if it was just barren rock and a few bushes here and there.

What an amazing game!